A lot can happen in a week

Well slightly over a week.  Two days longer than anticipated.

Last Friday afternoon I set off with my family to stay at the Gatwick Hilton in order to catch a very early morning flight to Grenoble to go skiing in Alpe d’Huez.

All went well till Iceland vanished under a huge plume of volcanic ash, or something, meant we couldn’t fly back.  The solution was an extra day in resort – put to good use sledging, building an igloo and going ice-skating – followed by a very tedious 26 hour journey home by coach, ferry and train.

Glad that’s done.  Arrived home in England to see that the Conservatives have purchased about 50% of the billboards in the country, the Lib Dems suddenly seem popular (according to opinion polls in today’s papers), Gordon Brown has turned into a mask/waxwork parody of himself and to discover a huge pile of election literature.

Missed out on the Chinese F1 dinner  – couldn’t really cook on the coach.  Had planned some pork and noodles but am not doing to well at these so far – just 50% success.  Should settle down when I am back at uni though.

Igloo with a proper roof and entrance tunnel
Nice place to stay? The Kandahar Hotel!
Unexpected French sunset photo taken on looong coach journey
Front row of coach holding area at Calais about midnight. What fun.

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