Liberals First to Score

The Lib Dems are the first to score in my election campaigning game as Selly Oak News arrived through my letter box this morning whilst I was restocking on milk, orange juice and fake Kellogg’s rice krispie squares (that aren’t even square, but that is another story) at Aldi.

Surprisingly this promotional literature (+1) does not appear to be too in your face about the general election instead focusing on the past work of local councillors one of whom, David Radcliffe, is the PPC and is featured on the front page. Recycling is mentioned but there is no photo (boo, hiss!). In fact Radcliffe isn’t featured next to any of the people/items for which points are awarded and the entire A2 sized ‘newspaper’ remains a Nick Clegg free zone.

The back page features a nice graph (presumably from last years local elections) showing that “The Conservatives can’t win here” (+1). This reminded me of a time that one particular party back home (can’t remember which) got in trouble for producing a similar graphic which was not to scale so showing a party in a poor third place when in fact they were much closer. The title of the bar chart is “It’s so close here” but with 674 votes between Labour and the Liberals this annoys me. “So close” is more like 3 votes.

They do have a nice photo of a facepalm Gordon Brown though. I’m almost tempted to give them a bonus point for that. Almost.

Points awarded:  2

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