Seasonal Changes

I haven’t been posting here for a while as updating Twitter is far quicker!

Just a quick post about the unexpected but not unpredictable stats one of my websites has been receiving recently.

Cassiobury Park website

The following graph shows the number of daily visits to a website that has remained largely the same for a long period of time.  Recently I updated a page on the site with information about things to do with children in the park but the growth started before this.   I attribute this to improved Google rankings combined with the summer holidays.

Cassiobury Park website traffic stats

A couple of days after I redid the children’s attractions page I decided to place a standard banner adsense block halfway down the page as this was proving to be the most popular page on the site.  It was a good move with that position so far achieving a click through rate of more than three times the homepage banner.

What I have been most surprised about is the number of people that go online looking for information about the park.  Yes it is a large and beautiful place which attracts large numbers of visitors but I never really considered that so many people would search online for details about it.

The interest must be there though as the average reader looks at 4.48 pages well ahead of the figures I have been getting elsewhere.

The hot weather may bring traffic to but it also brings idiotic drivers, horn honkers, blarer-outers of extremely bad music and illegal-parkers outside our house all adding to the general chaos.  Living next to Watford’s biggest free attraction certainly has its downsides. – discussion about web stats from someone who doesn’t receive that much traffic…

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