UCAS personal statement

Computers play a vital part in our everyday lives. However, I believe there are still many important advances to be made in the field of computing which is why I have decided to study Computer Science. Even as technology develops there are always further challenges that can be overcome, and by studying Computer Science I believe I will be in a position to help people solve problems and ultimately improve quality of life.

Studying Computing at school has given me the opportunity to learn programming first-hand and has introduced me to the languages of Pascal, Delphi and Assembly Language. In addition to class and coursework, I have completed extra programs including a prime number generator and several simple games.

In year 11 I completed work experience at Casewise Systems Ltd, where I helped to test business modelling software in the days prior to its release. As all departments of the company were housed on a single floor this enabled me to gain an insight into the different stages of software design within a software development business.
Earlier this year I organised an additional week of work experience with Imagination Technologies where I helped test the performance of graphic chips which would be embedded into future mobile phones and other handheld devices when completed. This was of particular interest to me as it helped improve my awareness of the close relationships that must exist between hardware and software components of a computer system.

In 2004 I developed a web-based fantasy football league competition which I ran for two years. This led me to discover some of the more advanced capabilities of spreadsheets which I then used to automatically generate league updates. Organising the competition was also an opportunity I took advantage of to improve my HTML skills and showed that I could be relied upon to provide weekly updates. To enhance the site I gained experience of coding for websites using basic php and CSS.
For the past six months I have been a regular contributor to the “MarkUp” game development magazine (http://markup.gmking.org). This has helped improve the quality of my written work and communication skills whilst working on features and keeping in touch with other writers. My organisational and time-keeping skills have developed as I have been given responsibility to conduct interviews, research and then present news and review books on my own. I have used my initiative to ensure that articles are ready for publication on time and are of sufficient quality. In recent months I have also become more involved in editing the magazine, expressing my views to the Senior Editor about article content and layout and having an influence on the final look of the magazine.

At school I participated in the Young Enterprise scheme where I was a member of a successful ‘company’ which organised two discos and designed and produced souvenirs for a school song and dance performance. This gave me experience of working as part of a team to produce a final product; skills which I will be able apply to future projects.
Table tennis is a sport which I enjoy and play frequently and I have been skiing regularly since the age of 5 and am now a competent skier. I enjoy filming and use my computer skills to edit my creations.

I am looking forward to continuing my studies in a subject that I have a real enthusiasm for.

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