Jan 2009 web stats

Incidentally if you wondered why I am no longer posting here it is because I have been using Twitter instead. Follow me!

All stats below are for the period from 1st- 31st January 2009. Incredibly I don’t appear to have done this since August last year.

Game Maker Affiliation Service
Unique visitors: 11,966
Pageviews: 100,299
Both figures are up on 5 months ago and I am glad. It is important that new sites continue to join the network.

Game Maker Blog
Unique visitors: 3,311
Pageviews: 11,866
Have spent far less time on the site this calendar year than I did previously. I really should spend more time on it considering its success.

Game Maker 8
Unique visitors: 622
Pageviews: 710
Almost entirely (85%) from Google searches for information about the next version of Game Maker.

Unique visitors: 443
Pageviews: 777
Pretty similar traffic levels to 5 months ago, despite the fact that I have not been updating the blog and the software has still not been released.

Unique visitors: 227
Pageviews: 300
Blog is very rarely updated anymore.

Aidy Boothroyd
Unique visitors: 188
Pageviews: 291
Rather bizarrely considering he is no longer active in football traffic is up. This could of course be because the last stats were taken from an off-season period. I posted a graph showing how traffic varied based on BBC appearances and after he left the club.

Cassiobury Park
Unique visitors: 151
Pageviews: 447
Shockingly bad search rankings. Not sure why. Clearly I need more links in, but the site was ranking much higher half a year back. Figures are about half of what they were last summer.

Brendan Rodgers
Unique visitors: 30
Pageviews: 98
A failed attempt to replicate the success of my Aidy Boothroyd site. Okay, there isn’t a nice flash “You are mighty” animation. I’m not convinced that Rodgers is a football genius either.

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