Web ad income upto May 2008

In May advertising revenues from GameMaker Blog were $11.54 + £5.00

Quite a low click-through ratio is being achieved with AdSense, when compared with the format installed on my Aidy Boothroyd soundboard, despite the fact that it is currently displaying ads for computer hardware, limo hire and loft conversions. I guess moving the ads above the fold so they are immediately visible when the GameMaker Blog loads could have a big effect on the number of clicks, so I have moved them above the ProjectWonderful ad which is sold by time period.

Earnings from my websites about Cassiobury Park and Stencyl for the past couple of months can be seen below – the revenue is all from a company called Matched which pay £3 for each page they can match an ad to per month (up to a maximum of 5 pages).

Matched.co.uk Earnings for March and April 2008

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