I recently turned 18 so this year (May 1st) will be the first time I am able to vote.

About 3 days after my birthday I received a birthday card from the Conservative parliamentary candidate for Watford, Ian Oakley. Quite why he (or his office) were sending me a card I don’t know. If the elections this year were for parliament I could understand it, but this year’s elections are only for the district council where Ian Oakley is not standing.  Still I suppose it is nice that at least one party is trying to get the youth vote.  I wonder if he is sending cards out to everyone who turns 18 in Watford or is just targeting certain areas or perhaps just the time period up to the election.

As usual it looks like Park ward will be a two-horse race between existing Liberal Democrat councillor George Derbyshire and the Conservative candidate Malcolm Meerabux. Last year Park had the highest voter turn out of any of the wards which is unsurprising considering the close run battle a year previously when only three votes separated the top two candidates.

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