Election bumf

Two more days, two more “vote me” leaflets. As we near 1st May the monkeys in the rainforests of the world must be starting to get worried.

Conservative Malcolm Meerabux seems to be campaigning mostly on a fight against over-development and on planning issues. It wasn’t a well written leaflet. And perhaps his stance on planning comes a little late considering that houses are currently being built on the playing fields of Watford Grammar School for Boys.

Derbyshire’s main policy was also planning or rather “opposing insensitive development”. We’ve had an awful lot of new homes built this side of the park recently, “302 dwellings” at Cassio Metro, plus 4? houses in the back gardens of a couple of houses on Gade Avenue and the aforementioned WGSB construction site.  George strange smile Derbyshire appears to be fighting the hardest…

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