Derbyshire at the door

At around 7:30 tonight George Derbyshire, a current libdem councillor, was the first candidate in the election to come door knocking in our area.

After a polite introduction (reading my dad’s name off the electoral register for the personal touch) he asked if he would be supporting him on 1st May. In previous years candidates have asked similar things such as “can we count on your support?”, I don’t really understand this perhaps they should tell the electorate why they should vote for them rather than asking which way they will vote. My dad said he didn’t know and would make his mind up on the day.

Derbyshire left. He doesn’t want my vote. Which is a shame because I was probably going to vote for him. But as my dad said, he didn’t even get me a birthday card

I expect the Conservatives will be around sometime soon.

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